George Ramseyer UMM Ministry Specialist, 315-720-6184

Available Classes: 

Class Meeting — Based upon Kevin Watson’s “The Class Meeting” This gospel based accountable community is an essential  part of Wesleyan spirituality. 

Wesleyan Heritage and Beliefs — The place of doctrine in relation to the missional movement known as Methodism. An understanding of Wesleyan theology will be developed, and its influence on the practical structure and disciplines for the first Methodists will be determined. A knowledge of Methodist history and and the formation of other Methodist denominations will be studied. The Wesleyan understanding of grace and how grace leads to the holiness of the heart and life will be explored. 

Leading Small Groups — The missional foundations were set by John and Charles Wesley in the beginnings of the Holy Club. We will explore what it means to be missional and why we are called to be missional. We will discuss how the means of grace shape us to serve “missionally”. We will determine how to organize a missional community, and what that means. 

Mighty Men of Prayer — Based upon the model of the Lord’s Prayer, and how prayer can transform 7 key areas of a man’s life. 

Amending through Faith — Is an innovative, primary prevention initiative dedicated to ending violence against women and girls by engaging and educating men. 

No Man Left Behind — Primarily for leadership development, although all can use the material presented in this course for their personal ministries.